The Daisher-Chiles Companies, Ltd. and its affiliate companies specialize in many facets of Real Estate Development including Land Acquisitions, Custom Home Design and Construction Divisions, Troubled Asset Rehabilitation, Commercial and Residential Portfolio Acquisitions and Management.

Our Mission is to deliver the highest and most diverse quality of Real Estate Services that we can offer, coupled with unequalled customer service and ease of process. We strive as Builders and Developers to design strictly on a quality, not quantity basis. Then we add our own brand of unique and interesting signature stamps to each and every project ventured. Over 20 years of Real Estate, Construction and Development experience have rewarded us with a wonderful refinement in Custom Home Development. Our common interest with the client blends both objectives into a gratifying experience for everyone involved.

Dana Chiles, President of Daisher-Chiles Companies, is a born entrepreneur who acquired his first investment property at the age of 20. He understood the cyclical nature of real estate market and in nearly two decades, he has recognized the great opportunity for growth during depression and strategically acted accordingly. His strong management skills has led him to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. During this time, he decided to expand into home building and purchased his first building lot. He began purchasing other properties and eventually large apartment and housing communities amassing hundreds of units in his portfolio. From there, he started purchasing raw large parcels of lands to create real estate housing developments and custom homes. In his career, he has acquired and sold more $100 million in real estate and redeveloped more than 600 assets and residential housing units. Daisher-Chiles' portfolio also includes hundreds of residential apartment properties under management and redevelopment assets.

A leader, Dana Chiles has owned several hundred housing units in the U.S. Daisher-Chiles Companies Ltd. housings are regarded as some of the finest in the communities. The improvements they make to the rental portfolio assets transcend what is ever expected from a property owner or landlord. The professional on site management teams attentively operate each asset of that kind. Daisher-Chiles has also a division specializing in the acquisition of troubled assets and bank portfolios along with a program to help distressed property owners avoid foreclosure. He has helped hundreds of home and property owners. His development companies continue to thrive and grow today.

At Daisher-Chiles Companies Ltd., Dana Chiles and his teams maintain a project integrity through hands-on approach to site development and construction. They are experienced at managing and performing all necessary services from the acquisition stages to the road and infrastructure improvements, and then all the way through to utilities and final roadway preparation. They also design protective covenants for each development community to absolutely insure the value that they built for each client. The firm has earned a distinct and respectable name in the community and abroad for delivering the fines in Real Estate Development.

This has been and still remains Our Mission.